January – March 2017

The race is just over 6 months away, but we are starting our preparations already! The first thing we need is a logo!!! The logo will be placed on all of our signs, posters, registrations, and of course the shirts! This year we would like to see your designs. The winner will receive $100 and a free entry into the race!

This is what you have to have on it: 
1. CARE 
2. Cable Area Resources in Emergency 
3. July 4, 2017 
4. 5K and 10K 
5. It can only be Black, Red, & Blue

Format can be digital or a drawing as long as we can get it digitized. You must agree to allow us to make any changes.

Deadline is March 1st with winner announced March 15th!!

Jan 16 - Mar 1